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Boma Yacht


Refitting, storage, mooring and sale of new and used yachts and boats

Founded in 2009 by Giorgio Boria, in 2023, following the acquisition by San Giorgio del Porto, BOMA YACHT becomes part of the Genova Industrie Navali Group.

To date, Boma Yacht represents a constantly expanding reality and thanks to a team with a lot of experience it has managed to establish itself in the Italian nautical scene.

Specialized in interventions on fiberglass, steel and light alloy boats – from simple storage with painting and repairs up to complete refits and conversions.

Boma Yacht places itself at the disposal of the most de- manding shipowner, offering a highly qualified and compe- tent staff and the best workers, renowned for their experience and quality.


Thanks to its own infrastructure and shared spaces with the Holding companies, Boma Yacht has a total area of over 40,000 square metres.

Boma Yacht has an operational area with ample storage possibilities, both outdoors and indoors with hangars, capable of accommodating yachts of up to 110 tonnes.

Boma Yacht, with its berths, can also accommodate floating superyachts up to 80 metres long.

Thank’s to the synergy with San Gior- gio del Porto can serve superyacht up to 170 meters length also granted by 3 graving docks with no limit on weight.

The berths are divided between 7 floating pontoons for about 300 units up to 15 m, 2 waterfront berths up to 80 m and over 80 berths on land with shore-to-sea service by crane.

Boma / Calata Gadda

Calata Gadda, the shipyard’s operational headquarters, is located at the end of the Molo Vecchio in the centre of the ship repair area of the port of Genoa.

SHED 1 900 mq 55x13,5x11 (m)
SHED 2 620 mq 55x10x6 (m)
EXTERNAL AREA 900 mq 27x32 (m)
WATER FRONT 200 mq 25x80 (m) + 24x80 (m)
on request

Boma / Calata Molo Giano

The Calata Molo Giano, is located on the north-east side of the Genoa forebour, and consists of a dock and several piers.

TOTAL AREA 8.000 mq -
EXTERNAL AREA 6.200 mq -
PAINTING SHED 380 mq 30x12 (m)
WATER FRONT 22.500mq Yacht mooring up to 60 m

Boma / Dry docks

Due to the need to accommodate increasingly larger ships, the Port of Genoa has over time equipped itself with five dry docks of up to 250 m in length.

LENGHT (m) 70 108/68 220 55
WIDTH (m) 24,30 16 30 14
Keel blocks
min. height (m)
1,80 1,80 1,80 1,50
Min. draft
on the blocks (m)
7,60 6,60 9,03 -
CRANES 1x20t 1x10t 1x10t
PIERS Superbacino Grazie Boccardo Ex-OARN
CRANES 1x20t
2x15t 2x15t 1x15t


San Giorgio del Porto

San Giorgio del Porto, a company owned by the same family for the last 90 years, started its activity in the ship repair industry in 1928.

Passing through the different in- dustrial eras, SGdP has built its reputation becoming a global point of reference for the repair and conversion of all types of ship, for the ro-pax vessel upgrade pro- cess, as well as the mid-range vessel construction projects. The extensive portfolio of the com- pany includes famous clients and prestigious worldwide owners.

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Servizi Portuali ISMAR

Established in 1995, ISMAR is a Marina inside the Port of Genoa and manages mooring and yard activities for boat, sailing and small yachts.

The marina has a parking for 50 vehicles and 30 motorcycles. There is a building where the offices and sanitary facilities are located (with shower and hot water).

The entire perimeter of our yard is enclosed by fencing and the access is grant to the owners 24/24 by gate and security system.

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Boero Yacht Coatings provides high performance, long-lasting and highly technological products to protect luxury superyachts and Yachts.

Boero Yacht Coatings’ specialized centers work each and every day to provide the highest quality stan- dards to their clients.

They do this by drawing on the comprehensive painting cycles supplied by Boero Yacht Coatings to satisfy the diverse needs of any project, offe- ring a range of products for every type of surface.

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